About Khyati

From a young age Khyati has been interested and involved in all things related to a stage; whether it be anchoring, dancing, or theatre. So, when she encountered an opportunity to anchor events at her college she grabbed them immediately. At the time, it was a part-time gig for silly things like pocket money. Little did she know that the stage and the industry surrounding it would become an integral part of her life. The part-time gig unsurprisingly turned into a full-time profession and interest. And she has never looked back since.

She’s been at it for 8 years but she stresses that there’s always room to learn and grow more. “…a student forever”, at each event she discovers a new way to build a rapport with her audience and believes that being honest and real are important in interacting with the audience. She recalls, one of the first events she anchored –  “I was extremely nervous as the company and industry I was to talk about were completely new to me. I made mistakes and grew nervous with each one. But my event manager calmed me down and asked me to “believe in your prep”.

She’s #bornforstage and that will never change. She’ll continue to host and perform on stage for many years to come.

In recent years, she has branched out to activities like team building coaching, image building, public speaking & anchoring masterclass for the younger aspirants who are willing to enter this domain.

She has a Bachelors in Mass Media and Post Graduate in advertising and PR from Mumbai. She’s a Zumba Instructor and a Social Latin Dancer. In her free time, she loves to read and travel.


Simplicity may be the ultimate sophistication but elegance adds beauty to that sophistication. Khyati is as elegant as she’s charming. Driving an event with grace and rhythm have always made her a great anchor for any event.


People who know her describe her as having a panache that’s rare to come by. She’s known to walk to the subtle line of finesse and vivacity expertly.


In her 8 years in this domain, Khyati has amassed knowledge and experience that makes her as suitable a host for a wedding or a corporate party. She has masterfully anchored events that focus on latest technologies, events with team building activities for corporations, and also interactive cooking events.


No matter the event or occasion, Khyati takes it upon herself to direct the event to a successful completion. From interacting with the audience – to assisting the guest and delegates.